I love it when clients come back to create baby’s milestone portraits!  I photographed Saira when she was a newborn and now she is able to sit up on her own, Mom wanted cute milestone photos!  We started at my studio in Walnut Creek where we did some family portraits and Saira’s milestone photos!  Studio is great for baby especially in Winter.  Studio is warm so that it’s a perfect place to do some naked baby photos, ( Yes, with Diaper on…!).

We headed to a park near by for casual outdoor photos as well!  At outdoor, we can do some walking photos, some bubbles photos, things we can’t do in studio , I do in outdoor. My Studio and outdoor combo session is so popular especially for baby !  I can’t wait to see Saira walking next!!






Saira and her mom and dad came from Fremont for her newborn family portrait session!   Saira is a beautiful sweet baby and I absolutely enjoyed photographing her and create her very first portrait! She even showed me some smile during the session, too! How sweet!    Thank you fo choosing me to create your family’s very first family portraits and I look forward to photographing you again at Saira’s next milestone!