February 01, 2019

I’m so excited to offer Family Photo Session and Headshot Session in Hawaii!   I’m excited to photograph at beautiful beaches in Hawaii!   I will be in Waikiki and Ko Olina Resorts from 4/18-4/22 !  When I travel to Hawaii with my family, I always schedule a family session for myself so that I get to be in photos with my kids to remember special and fun moments of the vacation.  When I have a family session scheduled,  I know that I will have nice photos to remember so that I ‘m not so stress about trying to get some photos of my kids during the vacation, I don’t even bring my big camera when I’m on vacation!  There are beautiful hotels like Aulani, Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club, Four Seasons Resorts, etc in Ko Olina Resorts!   Contact me to schedule your vacation family photos! Photo@aikacardin.com.  Aloha!

ハワイでの素敵な思い出を形に。ワイキキ、コーリナリゾート、アウラニ、マリオット、フォーシーズンにバケーションでご滞在中に家族写真はいかがですか? ワイキキ、オアフ島のフォトスポットを巡るインスタグラム撮影ツアーも行っています。ハワイの素敵な背景をバックにご自分のビジネスのプロフィール写真はいかがですか? 詳細は photo@aikacardin.com までお問い合わせください!  アロハ!