The cutest session ever!  Around 4 months is filled with milestones!  Smiles, tummy time, finding toes, all the cuteness you want to remember and I’m here to capture them!   I LOVE Baby Life Style Session, I think it makes extra special and memorable  to do a photo session at your home using baby’s nursery, bedroom as a backdrop. Colette has such a cute nursery, all color coordinated in purple!  Enjoy the picture, mom and dad! It was such a fun session!

San Ramon Life Style Baby Photographer001 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer002 San Ramon Life Style Baby Photographer003 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer004 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer005 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer006 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer007 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer008