I was introduced to mom, Sarah from Bloom Retreat in Walnut Creek. I take Yoga class there and it’s such a relaxing space for mom and I LOVE it!  Sarah has 3 kids ( WOW! ) and she told me she never had portraits of her with all kids together.  As a mom, we are usually the one behind the lens, so she was really excited for this session and I was, too!  Portraits with kids are for you to remember this precious time and also for kids so that they can look back and remember this when they are older.

As you can see in my blog postings, I have done so many sessions at this location in Concord in April.  I drive around to find the beautiful photo location all the time and I get excited when I find a location like this 😉  I went back there last week but now all mustard flowers are gone so I’m so glad we were able to do Sarah’s session while flowers are in bloom 😉   Sarah also mentioned that reason why she never had family portraits done was because she wanted 3 kids and never felt like family was completed till now.  She is interested in a family session( including dad next time! )  so I’m looking forward to seeing them again soon!