When and where will the session be held?

Family sessions are held on Saturdays and select Sunday. (or weekdays if you prefer!)  While it is important to choose a time of the day that your child is happiest, keep in mind that for an outdoor session early morning light–or late afternoon light–2 hours before sunset–is ideal.   I prefer morning sessions simply because kids tend to be happier in the morning! All portrait sessions are shot on location with natural light.   I have some outdoor locations I like to use but if you have any recommendations for locations, I’d be happy to consider them! We can also shoot in the comfort of your own home, for indoors, we will choose a room that has ample sunlight filtering through.

For newborn sessions, I always do newborn sessions in your home. I prefer your home because then we can incorporate parts of your house into the photos if you wish – whether it be your dining room table or the great rocking chair that you have in your nursery. I also love to use parents’ beds so, really, be open to me taking pictures in any room once I get there! And of course we can clean around things as we go. No one expects a house with a newborn to be spotless!

What is the best time for maternity and newborn portraits?

I recommend that a maternity shoot be scheduled close to your 30-week mark and the absolute best time to capture sleepy, curly newborn portraits is from 5-10 days of life. Contact me in your second trimester to book!

How long does the photo shoot process take?

For most shoots, I recommend contacting me at least one or two months in advance of your desired session date, but I’m occasionally able to take last-minute sessions if my schedule allows it!  But please keep in mind that in order to offer you the best and most unique custom experience, the number of sessions I offer are limited each month.  For Maternity and Newborn sessions, contact me when you’re in your second trimester to make sure I’m able to set aside time for time-sensitive shoots.

Shoots themselves vary in length, and can be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours for family sessions and 2-3 hours for newborn sessions. Your ordering appointment (where you view your photos) is scheduled about 2 weeks after your session takes place. After you order, product fulfillment time depends on the type of product ordered- for example, prints and cards arrive within 2 weeks, custom frames 3-4 weeks, and custom albums 4-6 weeks.

What should I wear/how should I prepare?

When you schedule a session with me, you’ll also schedule a pre-session consultation to take place in person or over the phone. During the consultation, I will go over your ideas for the shoot, the best wardrobe to compliment your ideas, what to bring with you, and how to prepare for the shoot.

What kind of products do you offer? 

All of our products are completely custom-designed by me! I offer everything from wallets to huge wall displays.  If youʼre not sure what to do with the beautiful photos from your session, I can help you with creative and unique display options to suit your style and taste. My goal is to create artwork for your home and heirlooms for your family that you will love for a lifetime. I offer the latest, most innovative products that are only available from professional photo labs. Wall family portraits will make a great gift to cerebrate the family.