I love what I do, but I especially love to make my clients happy.

Kinds Words / Client Feedback

“There is something magical about Aika. She is incredibly talented, kind and completely genuine. And her photos? Words cannot describe. Her style was exactly what we were looking for. It is natural, yet so vibrant, colorful work. She has a talent of capturing the most “real” moments and making them look like something you’d see in a magazine. Her work has a very rich professional look to it. Aika will find out what your dream picture looks like and find a way to deliver it to you. She is great with kids. She makes the entire family at ease and have fun. This in turn makes for fantastic pictures. She is also flexible! A must have for a family photographer. She is willing to let nap times, weather, or whatever dictate the time or location of your photo shoot. Aika was also able to work with us on budget and we are thankful for that. She is worth every penny. The photos that we have are an absolute treasure. ”
-Melissa, San Ramon, CA

“After going through several photographers after my daughter was born and consistently being disappointed with quality and professionalism of others, Aika has been an angel to find! I am a bit high maintenance, requesting different locations and several outfit changes as well as a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of my daughter’s pictures and Aika scores 100% satisfaction with me in all areas of concern! Not only does she produce gorgeous pictures, she does not rest until you are 100% satisfied. If you are looking for an absolutely amazing photographer who is great with people, flexible and easy-going then she is your girl. I highly, highly recommend her!”
-Stacie, Walnut Creek, CA

“I found Aika through Hilary’s Helpful Hints and couldn’t be more pleased! I signed up for her “Baby Collection” package which includes newborn, 6 month and 1 year photo sessions. In addition to just photographing my youngest, she gets great sister and whole family shots that I will treasure forever. She is so patient and flexible with my 2 girls during the shoot – never getting flustered when they don’t cooperate. She has never failed to get countless great pictures of the whole family – it’s always so hard to decide which to buy because I fall in love with them. If you are looking for a excellent, professional photographer who is patient & caring choose Aika – You won’t be disappointed!”
-Jenna, Walnut Creek, CA

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Aika’s work. I have never has such gorgeous photos taken of my 3 year old and newborn daughters. I’ve done a maternity shoot, a newborn shoot, a Christmas card shoot and now a 3 month old shoot and every picture has been breathtaking! It’s been SO difficult to decide on what picture to purchase! Not only is Aika talented, sweet, detail oriented and professional. She is also creative and patient. You owe it to yourself to book a session today! You’ll be so happy you did!!!”
-Nicole, San Ramon, CA

“Aika, how long have you been doing this?”
Sweet, humble Aika: “Since Leo was 7 or 8 months old…” Which means Aika Cardin has been a professional photographer for not even two years. Pardon the expletive, but #$%*!? I couldn’t believe that the photos we viewed during our session were done by what many would consider a rookie photographer. Aika’s sensibility, patience, and creativity add up to characteristics of a professional shutterbug with at least 10 years of experience. My husband Ray has taken several photography classes, and from what I learned about natural light photography through conversations with him, Aika certainly knows her stuff. Her attention to composition and dynamic viewpoints, as well as the manner in which she told our family’s story via the slide show…in a word, phenomenal.The photo shoot: Ray, Marco, our dog Charley, and I had a rough morning on the day of the shoot, so I wasn’t too optimistic about the overall turnout, to be honest. Marco wouldn’t keep still when we started, wanting to roam around (in typical Marco fashion! :o)), but Aika came armed with Thomas stickers, a mini Adirondack chair, bubbles, you name it. She sensed immediately when Marco wasn’t enjoying a particular setting, so she was willing to pick up and move when necessary. Aika’s pleasant demeanor: a huge plus. She always has a smile on her face, and she’s incredibly unassuming. Sometimes we’d forgotten she was there! We all were able to laugh about some of the stressful moments (wardrobe change, getting Marco to smile), and mostly because Aika was such a sweetheart. The viewing session: The tears I shed are testimony enough. The slide show was top-notch, very professional, simply a work of art. I could go on and on about this rare talent. Aika is a gem all around, and our family couldn’t be more pleased with her work. Watch out, world, this woman is going places. Snag her while you can!
– Maritza, San Francisco, CA

“I never knew that family photos could actually take my breath away until I met Aika. She has an amazing ability to bring out the best in you 🙂 Our 19-month-old daughter LOVES her magnetic personality! Words can’t express all the positive experiences we’ve had creating {Art} together. She really knows how to capture the most memorable moments and expressions during our photo sessions. Thank you, Aika, for sharing your incredible talent with us!” – Andrea, San Ramon, CA

“Aika is a joy to work with and a true professional. She delivers top quality work and will not disappoint. She beautifully captured my daughter’s birthday party and I can’t wait to book her for future special occasions ! I highly recommend Aika for any special events you want to capture. Thanks Aika for sharing your talents.” – Sherille, Benicia, CA

“Aika was not only a complete joy to work with, but she also took the most gorgeous photos of our family and my baby! Let me also add flexible to the list…my daughter was very fussy for our scheduled photo shoot in SF and Aika did a fabulous job of working with her and on top of that she scheduled another photo shoot when Malia was feeling better just to make sure she got great shots! She is flexible, easygoing, a hard worker, and a perfectionist with the photos you will receive. All delivered in great packaging and with outsanding customer service. I have recommended Aika several times, will continue to use her and get amazing compliments on the photos she took. Thank you Aika!!”
-Stacie, Walnut Creek, CA

“Aika is an amazing photographer!! She photographed our twins for their 2 year old photos and the photos turned out beautiful. She somehow captures the most beautiful moments. She has amazing energy and didn’t mind chasing two 2 year olds around to get that perfect shot. I would highly recommend her!”
-Polly, Redwood City, CA

“If you are looking for an amazing photographer, look no further, Aika’s your girl!
She started off with my family, taking my maternity photo’s and has continued to take photo’s of my son’s first year: newborn, 3mo, 6mo, 9mo & 12mo. Her photograph’s are beautiful and breathtaking. Aika has been a joy to work with in every aspect. She is professional and passionate about her work, and that shine’s through into her photographs. I highly recommend Aika Cardin Photography for your next photo shoot.”
-Whitney, Concord, CA