August 03, 2015

We visit Newport, Rhode Island every Summer to see family members. This time, my son, Leo flew solo for the first time to spend more time with grandparents and we joined them a week later.  It was a big adventure for him to fly across the country by himself and he absolutely LOVED it!  He just turned 6 years old and he is not my little boy anymore…. I’m happy but a little sad at same time… I always do a photo session with grandparents at beach every Summer to remember these precious moments.
NewportFamilyPhotographer001NewportFamilyPhotographer002NewportFamilyPhotographer003NewportFamilyPhotographer004NewportFamilyPhotographer005NewportFamilyPhotographer006NewportFamilyPhotographer007NewportFamilyPhotographer008NewportFamilyPhotographer009NewportFamilyPhotographer010NewportFamilyPhotographer011NewportFamilyPhotographer012NewportFamilyPhotographer013NewportFamilyPhotographer014NewportFamilyPhotographer015NewportFamilyPhotographer016They are like best friends