What an adorable family!  I LOVE the outfit mom chose for family. We had exchanged many emails before sessions about outfits and everything.  We are so happy the way all pictures turned out.  These pictures will be beautifully displayed at their house and I just finished designing 10×10 deluxe album for them.    Album tells a story and I know it will be cherished for many years to come.
WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer001 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer002 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer003 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer004 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer005 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer006 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer008 Mom’s sister came to help out!  Do you recognize her?  I have photographed her family for last 3 years!!!  and now she is expecting #2 😉WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer009 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer010 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer011 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer012 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer013 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer014 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer015My favorite!