I’ve been photographing L family for about 2 years now.  Our first session was when Jason, the older brother was about 9 months old, since then, I photographed L family for Jason’s 1 years old, 18months old, 2 years old, maternity portraits, Nathan, younger brother’s newborn, etc. It’s an amazing feeling to watch them growing up from 9 month old to 2 and half months, from family of 3 to family of 4.   This session is for Nathan’s 8 months old portraits!  Nathan enjoyed picking up rocks and leaves and playing with them, Jason loves water, so he got soaking wet… playing in the water. they all made such a cute portraits!  Can’t wait to photograph L family again when I’m back in San Francisco next time!


Our very first session!

Nathan, younger brother’s newborn portraits!

Nathan’s 8 months old session 😉

The cutest smile!!