For this session,  my goal was to document Alisa’s life in Japan as an expecting mom.  Alisa and her family moved from Australia a couple months ago and now she is due with her second baby in end of May!!  Before the session, I asked Alisa to find out how is her typical day like and she told me that she usually gets a cup of coffee then head to the park to play with her daughter, Matilda.  So this is what I wanted to capture, all the special times here in Japan to be remembered forever.  Looking forward to meeting new baby soon!!

Enjoy the slideshow of a”Alisa & Matilda’s day in the life”


Alisa’s neighborhood.

Relaxing at  her favorite coffee shop before starting a busy day!

Peek-a-boo!!!!!!  She is too cute 😉

On the way to the park, we met preschool kids 😉

This is one of my favorite!

I LOVE these candid park playing time shots!  It shows real smiles.  As I’m always the one with the camera in my family, I have TOO MANY shots like these with my son and his daddy but none of me with my son ;-(   If you are the photographer in  the family, make sure to get in some of the pictures now because time flies by so fast …

Fun, Fun, Fun!

When Matilda is out of the stroller, she wanted to run, run, run and run…

Such a sweet mommy and daughter moments.

Alisa is simply beautiful and I can’t wait to meet her baby soon!

And this is the Tokyo Subway map.  I’ve lived in Boston, New York and San Francisco before and I think Tokyo has the most complicated Subway map…  But good thing is train is always on time and super clean!!!