Emiri, she is one of the cutest baby I’ve ever photographed!  I know Emiri’s mom for more than 6 years now.  We became friends when we both lived in New York City and we had so much fun together, traveling, shopping, dining, concerts, etc, everything NYC offers, we did it together. What a great memories!   Time flies by and now I have almost 4years old son and she just welcomed her first baby girl, last December.   I was so excited to photograph Emiri’s 3 months old portraits.  First we headed to Koishikawa Kourakuen in Tokyo for cherry blossom.  At age 3 months old, there are lots of break during the session, feeding, changing,  and sometime baby falling asleep… 😉  Those are all cute and precious moments and I’m here to capture all of them 😉    We were able to create sweet portraits with cherry blossoms and more at home.   I’ll be photographing Emiri throughout this year and can’t wait for a next session.  Next one is when she is sitting up on her own!   I love the Spring in Tokyo!


One of my favorite!

This one is displayed in her living room!  Love this one!

So sweet….

Mom requested to photograph while she is feeding.  This is such a special moments and I wish I have pictures like this with my son!!!