How cute is he??  I loved meeting Gavin for his 9 months old portraits.  His grandparents drove 2 hours to join the session, too!    Gavin joined my   Baby Collection so I will be photographing him again when he is 1 year old and 18 months old.  I love watching baby growing up through my lens ♥  Since Gavin’s family lives in Oakland, I wanted to select the location between us.  It’s always fun to search for a new photo location and Lafayette Reservoir is now one of my favorite place since Gavin’s session.  Light was so pretty in early in the morning 😉   Gavin is such a happy handsome boy and can you guess which one is mom’s favorite image?  Mom loved the first image of Gavin sticking his tongue out and this is going up in their bedroom. I’m sure this picture will make them smile every morning!   I usually ask clients how they want to remember their children at this age, for Gavin, sticking his tongue out was his thing at 9 months old 😉  So, I’m so happy that I was able to capture that!   Thank you for such a fun time and enjoy the pictures!!  I can’t wait for next session together!



Mom’s favorite!

I LOVE this one!!

How sweet is this with grandparents?