June 04, 2017


Photos are ready!  I’m so excited to share adorable photos of your ballerinas from Bravo Bash Photo Day for TUTU School, Walnut Creek and Montclair!

Please read below information before visiting Online gallery.

********  HOW TO ORDER *********

Photo session was complimentary by TUTU School and Aika Cardin Photography!

All prices are listed in online gallery and you will receive 10% off on order of $100 and more. please use promo code ” 10%off ” at check out. Please note I won’t be able to adjust the discount after order was placed. Please make sure to use promo code to take advantage of special offer!


June 4th Sunday : Photo Day at Aika Cardin Photography Studio in Walnut Creek

June 10th Saturday : Photo day at Aika Cardin Photography Studio in Walnut Creek 

June 10th Saturday : Photo Day at Montclair TUTU School  


* Please note that total number of images shown are different per ballerinas depends on their age.

Enjoy the pictures and share them with your family members!


********  Summer & Fall Family Session  ********

When is the last time you had your family photos taken?  Schedule your Summer and Fall Family Session to capture the love of  family and to remember this sweet stage of childhood. Please E-mail  photo@aikacardin.com for availability.