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Do you remember them? Back in May, I photographed Tina for her maternity photo session at Yerba Buena Garden and Union square in San Francisco.  It was one of my favorite maternity session ever!  You can see their photos from here :

After 2 months later , now they are family of  ” three”  . I was so excited to see them again for newborn photo session!  Their baby girl , ” Coco” ( love the name! ) was 5 days old. It’s such a precious time of her life.  First couple weeks flies by so quickly especially for first time parents, so I know how important it is to capture the love of family  and document all little details for them.  Enjoy the pictures, mom and dad!  Coco is absolutely beautiful !

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It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Walnut Creek and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about Nolan’s 10 months old family photo session!  Isn’t he so cute and handsome?  Mom and dad brought this vintage bike as prop and it was just perfect!  I can’t wait for them to display these beautiful pictures in their house !  I know they will love gorgeous gallery wrap canvas collage and prints from my professional lab!

Walnut Creek Baby Photographer001 WalnutCreekBabyPhotographer002 WalnutCreekBabyPhotographer003 WalnutCreekBabyPhotographer004 WalnutCreekBabyPhotographer005 Picture perfectWalnutCreekBabyPhotographer006 WalnutCreekBabyPhotographer007 WalnutCreekBabyPhotographer008 I’m in LOVE with this one!

WalnutCreekBabyPhotographer009 ” mommy, let’s go for a ride! “WalnutCreekBabyPhotographer010 WalnutCreekBabyPhotographer011 WalnutCreekBabyPhotographer012


Here’s some fun photos of gorgeous S family form Danville, CA.  I can’t believe it’s been almost  a year since last time I photographed them.  How time flies by!!  This is my new favorite location Walnut Creek, it’s perfect for children and family session.   S family has purchased three 16×16 gallery warp canvas collage to display at their new home!  I can’t wait to see them up on their wall!  Thank you for a fun session, S family!












Another fun family session in San Francisco! K family is returning to Japan after spending 1 year in San Francisco. We began photo session at Union Square  with famous heart object and  cable car then headed to Alta Plaza Park where K family played often with kids.  We finished at Baker Beach with world most photographed bridge, ” Golden Gate Bridge ”  in background. It was gorgeous evening!  We created so many fun and beautiful photos together and now they have a beautiful memory of San Francisco to take home with them.

San Francisco Japanese Photographer001 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer002
SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer004 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer005 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer006 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer007 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer008 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer009 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer010 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer011 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer012 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer013 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer014 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer015 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer016 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer017 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer018 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer019 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer020 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer021 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer022 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer023 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer024 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer025 SanFranciscoJapanesePhotographer026

July 15, 2015

Wall display sample ACP album sample 1 ACP album sample 2


Leo on Tea Collection!  Just saw more pictures of my son in Tea Collection Web Site!  Having my kids in modeling opened new door for me.  I really enjoy seeing behind the scene of photo shoot.  It’s such a learning experience for me and I can’t wait for next one!
San Francisco Kids Model Head shot Photographer001070515 Leo Tea1 070515 Leo Tea2


Everything was just perfect in this family session!  Beautiful Summer morning with little cloud in sky.  I photographed their adorable daughter, A at Valentine’s Day Photo booth at Small Talk Family Cafe in Walnut Creek back in February.  She was so little that time and now she is sitting up on her own and even standing!!  I LOVE documenting baby grow through my lens.   These moments are so precious and you want to remember it forever.  They are only little for a little while.  This is my absolutely favorite age to photograph!  Once baby is sitting up on her own, we can create more variety of poses and I just LOVE those chunky arms and legs!!!!!!     These pictures will be displayed over their fireplace, entry way and playroom  with beautiful gallery wrap canvases and framed prints.   I’m sure it will make you smile every time when you walk by pictures.   I can’t wait to show them final products !

Thank you S family for fun morning!


This one is going to be displayed as 24×30 gorgeous gallery wrap canvas over fire place!
WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer001 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer002 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer003 Whole family with their 2 dogs!WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer004 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer005 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer006 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer007 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer008 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer009 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer010 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer011 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer012 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer013 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer014 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer015 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer016 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer017


What an adorable family!  I LOVE the outfit mom chose for family. We had exchanged many emails before sessions about outfits and everything.  We are so happy the way all pictures turned out.  These pictures will be beautifully displayed at their house and I just finished designing 10×10 deluxe album for them.    Album tells a story and I know it will be cherished for many years to come.
WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer001 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer002 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer003 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer004 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer005 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer006 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer008 Mom’s sister came to help out!  Do you recognize her?  I have photographed her family for last 3 years!!!  and now she is expecting #2 😉WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer009 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer010 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer011 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer012 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer013 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer014 WalnutCreekBestFamilyPhotographer015My favorite!


I’m in LOVE with this gorgeous 12×18 album I designed for my maternity session! Just arrived from Italy!! You can view more photos from this session on my blog  It was such a fun maternity session at Yerba Buena Gardens and Union Square in San Francisco. I really LOVE this urban feel and look .

My goal is to create artwork for your home and heirlooms for your family that you will LOVE and enjoy for a lifetime. I offer the latest, most innovative products that are only available from professional photo labs.

Maternity, engagement photo session at Yerba Buena garden and Union Square in San francisco Maternity, engagement photo session at Yerba Buena garden and Union Square in San francisco Maternity, engagement photo session at Yerba Buena garden and Union Square in San francisco Maternity, engagement photo session at Yerba Buena garden and Union Square in San francisco Maternity, engagement photo session at Yerba Buena garden and Union Square in San francisco


I’m in love with these photos!  My newborn sessions are done at comfort of clients house using their bedroom, living room, nursery as a backdrop where I can find the best natural light.  I really want to capture this sweet sweet moment of baby and mom and dad.  Babies are only little for a little while.  You want to remember this precious time.  here’s some of my favorite from Riley’s newborn session. I will post more!!

San Ramon Newborn photographer

This is a very first picture I took and she gave me a big smile . I know she is not wearing hat or headband, she is not in those baby prop bucket or bowl, sometime simple portrait like this is my favorite. Simply focused on baby, just baby.
San Ramon best newborn photographer