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April 26, 2015

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It has been super busy with Spring family sessions! I’m loving this gorgeous California weather!  No matter how busy it gets, I always have to remind myself and create time to photograph my kids. It’s hard to believe that my baby girl will be ONE next month!!!!    I always wanted to do this bubble bath shot and I was going to do it for her 1 year old portraits but I couldn’t wait !  I think it came out pretty cute !  I have another fun idea for her 1 year old portraits, will try it soon!

WalnutCreekKidsModelingHeadshot002 WalnutCreekKidsModelingHeadshot003 WalnutCreekKidsModelingHeadshot004 WalnutCreekKidsModelingHeadshot005 WalnutCreekKidsModelingHeadshot006 WalnutCreekKidsModelingHeadshot007 WalnutCreekKidsModelingHeadshot008 Walnut Creek, East Bay San Francisco Baby Photographer

April 19, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday, Cody! Wow, what a beautiful setting for Cody’s Doljanchi Ceremony ( Korean 1st Birthday).   Everything was decorated beautifully. Cody’s Doljanchi ceremony was held at Ohgane Korean Restaurant in Oakland.  There were about 120 guests joined to celebrate Cody’s special day! There were face paining and balloon twister for kids to enjoy and I captured lots of smiles throughout the party.

The highlight of a doljanchi is a ritual where a child is placed in front of food and objects. The child is urged to pick one, and the item the child pick is believed to foretell the child’s future. This ritual is called Doljabi. Guess what Cody picked!  He picked coin which is for Weathy/Entrepreneur!

Thank you for having me to photograph this special milestone for Cody!

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April 13, 2015


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April 09, 2015


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Happy 6th Birthday, Kylah!  I have been photographing Kylah for last 5 years. Wow, how time flies by, now she is turning 6 years old! when mom told me that she wanted to to Kylah’s 6 years old milestone and family session at flower field, I immediately thought about fairy tale theme.  White dress with flower crowns and it was just perfect!  There are many yellow mustard flower field in here in East Bay, San Francisco and this is one of my favorite in Walnut Creek/ Concord Area!  I need to bring my kids to do photo shoot there, too!!  Happy Birthday, Kylah!  It has been my pleasure to photograph you last 5 years and I enjoy watching you turning into princess through my lens!  You are truly beautiful.

Mom’s favorite!

Walnut Creek Family Photographer001 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer002 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer003 Beautiful Spring Family Portraits!WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer004 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer005 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer006 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer007 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer008 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer009 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer010 Photo session at flower field



LOVE Baker Beach!  These are some of my favorite images from Baker Beach Family Session. When I moved to California from East Coast 5 years ago, I did my first family session at Baker Beach, too.  It’s so pretty there with Golden Gate Bridge in background!  I’ve been getting lots of inquires about Baker Beach Session for this year and I’m so excited to create beautiful family portraits for them 😉  Contact to schedule your family session!






D family! First time I photographed D family was about 3 years ago when their daughter Lily was in mom’s belly for a maternity session at Pleasant City Hall.  We have done newborn session, 1 year old session together.  A couple months ago, mom contacted me that they were buying a new house and she told me she wanted to do ” just moved session” at their new house.  I thought that was such a fun idea! We scheduled the session 1 week after they got a key to their new house and we had lots of fun together!  She has ordered lots of prints to create a wall photo gallery and I can’t wait to see them!  I love documenting clients life through my lens. Congratulations D Family for a new house!


PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer001 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer002 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer003 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer004 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer005 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer006 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer007