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Can you tell we had so much fun??  We got together to create this little boy’s 1 year old milestone portraits!  He is SO CUTE and his smile would just melt your heart 😉   We started off with lots of family portraits, then Cake Smash session at the end.  Mom had this adorable hat ready with home-made cake!   What a cute way to capture big 1 year old milestone!  Thank you for choosing me to capture this special milestone of your family!  Enjoy the pictures!!!

WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer001 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer002

WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer003 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer004 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer005 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer006 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer007 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer008 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer009 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer010 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer011 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer012 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer013


WalnutCreekFamilyHolidayPortraitsPhotographer001 WalnutCreekFamilyHolidayPortraitsPhotographer002 WalnutCreekFamilyHolidayPortraitsPhotographer003 WalnutCreekFamilyHolidayPortraitsPhotographer004 WalnutCreekFamilyHolidayPortraitsPhotographer005


Pleasanton Family Photographer001 PleasantonFamilyPhotographer003 PleasantonFamilyPhotographer004 PleasantonFamilyPhotographer005 PleasantonFamilyPhotographer006


It has been 2 years since I photographed M family!  Look at their daughter! Isn’t she gorgeous?  Thank you for choosing me to photograph your beautiful family!  Looking forward to seeing you again in near future 😉 Enjoy the pictures!!

Walnut Creek Children and Family Photographer001 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer002 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer003 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer004 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer005 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer006 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer007

Happy Family!


November 20, 2014

SanRamonFamilyHolidayPortraitsPhotographer001 SanRamonFamilyHolidayPortraitsPhotographer002 SanRamonFamilyHolidayPortraitsPhotographer003 SanRamonFamilyHolidayPortraitsPhotographer004



SanRamonFamilyPhotographer001 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer002 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer003 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer004 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer005 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer006


PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer001 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer002 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer003 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer004 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer005 PleasantHillFamilyPhotographer006

November 18, 2014

Baker Beach!  One of my favorite location to photograph  in San Francisco!  I have been photographing K family for long long time! They are one of my first client when I started my business 4 years ago.  5 sessions together in 4 years. So many memories together. Thank you again for choosing me to capture your gorgeous family!  Due to Mom’s request, family photos are not shown on blog till they send out cards!


BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer001 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer003 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer004 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer005 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer006 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer007 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer008 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer009 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer010
BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer012 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer013 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer014


My baby girl is 5 months old!  I just had a family photo session at this beautiful location this morning for client and I just had to come back her to take picture of my baby.  Yes, it is the busiest time of the year, October, November is filled with lots of Holiday Family Sessions!  I always have to remind myself to take pictures of my kids once a month ( not on I phone, with my real camera….) no matter how busy I am…  because I know I will regret later if I didn’t.  So, here’s my baby girl’s 5 months old portraits!  I LOVE this  touching toes pose.   What a sweet and cute stage, I LOVE it!

Erika 5 months web 900 me and my baby !erika&me web900


Fun, fun fun!  I had so much fun photographing M family!  Mom did a great job coordinating everyone’s outfit, don’t you think?   Thank you for choosing me to photograph your beautiful family and look forward to seeing you again in near future!  Enjoy the pictures, these pictures make a great holiday cards!!!!!

Walnut Creek Family Photographer001 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer002 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer003 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer004 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer006 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer008 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer009 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer010 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer011 WalnutCreekFamilyPhotographer013