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October 30, 2014

Thank you all for coming by my Halloween Photo Booth!  It was so great to meet you and I had lots of fun photographing your little one in adorable costume!  It was so nice to see lots of familiar faces and also new little ones!!

Here’s a link to download your Halloween Digital Greeting Card and online gallery to purchase high res digital files.

For Halloween Digital Card,  click on your little one’s image on dropbox link and click  ” ↓ ”  on bottom right corner to download your card!  Card should be saved to your computer’s ” download folder”. These cards are perfect to post on Facebook and sharing them by e-mail.  Please note that these cards are created for online sharing purpose only.  You can purchase high resolution digital files separately.

For online gallery, the link is available for 2 weeks only. Please make your selection by November 14th!



Please click the event you attended below.

October 21st,  Itsy Bitsy Yoga Halloween Party at Sport Basement Walnut Creek


Digital Greeting Card

Online gallery 


October 26th, Trunk or Treat with Hilarie’s helpful Hints at Alborado Park


Digital Greeting Card

Online gallery


October 29th Boo Bash at Small Talk Cafe


Digital Greeting Card 

Online gallery


October 31st Boo Bash 2 at Small Talk Cafe


Digital Greeting Card

Online Gallery




Holiday Mini Family Session

Have you scheduled your Holiday Family Photo Session, yet?  Mini family sessions are perfect opportunities to create baby’s 1st Holiday Portraits or update family portraits for 2014 Holiday Cards!  Mini Session will be held in Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Danville and Concord on selected dates in November! Go to my website  to see more details!  Lots of dates are SOLD OUT already!  Schedule your Holiday Family session today!  Contact for any questions! 

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Walnut Creek, San Ramon, East Bay San Francisco Holiday Family Photographer

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!

Best, Aika



I had such a fun time photographing O family at Baker Beach in San Francisco!  They flew all the way from Tokyo.  It was a gorgeous evening in San Francisco and I LOVED LOVED capturing adorable smile of their 2 years old daughter, Mao!  Isn’t she so CUTE??  Everything was just perfect and we created lots of sweet and fun portraits together.  Thank you for letting me capture your San Francisco memories, mom and dad! I hope you enjoy pictures as much as I do!


私も、海外へ旅行する際は、現地のフォトグラファーを雇い家族写真を撮影してもらいます。旅行先の素敵なバックグランドを背景に、近くを歩いている人に写真をお願いし、がっかりした経験はありませんか? サンフランシスコは、ケーブルカー、ユニオンスクエア、フィッシャーマンズワーフなど、他にもたくさん魅力的な場所が沢山あります。サンフランシスコ滞在記念のお写真をサンフランシスコにて活躍する日本人フォトグラファーが撮影させて頂きます。サンフランシスコへの家族旅行、ご夫婦、お友達同士でのご旅行の際は、是非ご連絡ください!楽しい思い出作りのお手伝いをさせていただきます。お問い合わせは日本語でどうぞ! E-mail:


Here’s a slide show!  Click right bottom corner for ” full screen”” viewing.

Bake rBeach Family Photographer001 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer002 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer003 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer004 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer005 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer006

Love this one!!!BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer007 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer008

Absolutely gorgeous!

Baker Beach Family Photographer009 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer010 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer011 Baker Beach Family Photographer012Such a sweet moment.

BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer013 Baker Beach Family Photographer014 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer015 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer016 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer017 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer018 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer019 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer020 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer021 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer022 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer023 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer024 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer025 BakerBeachFamilyPhotographer026Mommy & Daddy ♥︎




The cutest session ever!  Around 4 months is filled with milestones!  Smiles, tummy time, finding toes, all the cuteness you want to remember and I’m here to capture them!   I LOVE Baby Life Style Session, I think it makes extra special and memorable  to do a photo session at your home using baby’s nursery, bedroom as a backdrop. Colette has such a cute nursery, all color coordinated in purple!  Enjoy the picture, mom and dad! It was such a fun session!

San Ramon Life Style Baby Photographer001 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer002 San Ramon Life Style Baby Photographer003 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer004 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer005 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer006 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer007 SanRamonLifeStyleBabyPhotographer008


This is my 4 th time photographing D family! First time was back in 2012, when their youngest daughter was still in mommy’s belly 😉  I absoluterly enjoy watching family grow through my lens! Thank you for another fun session, D family!  See you next year!

Benicia Family Photographer001 BeniciaFamilyPhotographer002 BeniciaFamilyPhotographer003 BeniciaFamilyPhotographer004 BeniciaFamilyPhotographer005 BeniciaFamilyPhotographer006 BeniciaFamilyPhotographer007

October 22, 2014

Los Gatos Family Photographer001 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer002 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer003 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer004 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer005 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer006 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer007 Los Gatos Family Photographer008!

October 22, 2014

Los Altos Family Photographer001 LosAltosFamilyPhotographer002 LosAltosFamilyPhotographer003 LosAltosFamilyPhotographer004 Los Altos Family Photographer005

October 22, 2014


Los Gatos FamilyPhotographer001 Los Gatos Family Photographer002 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer003 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer004 Los Gatos Family Photographer005 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer006

October 22, 2014

Los Gatos Family Photographer001 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer002 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer003 LosGatosFamilyPhotographer004


Gavin is (almost ) 3 years old! I have been photographing Gavin for more than 2 years now and I LOVE it!  Gavin is a full of energy and he just won’t stop running!!! We’ve done photo sessions at park and beach in East Bay, San Francisco in the past so we chose Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for different look.  I LOVE the colors here! Enjoy the pictures and happy 3 years old, Gavin!!

Oakland Family Photographer001 OaklandFamilyPhotographer003 OaklandFamilyPhotographer004 OaklandFamilyPhotographer005

October 14, 2014

Los Gato sFamily Photographer002 Los Gatos Family Photographer003 Los Gatos Baby Photographer004 Los Gatos Family Photographer005 Los Gatos Family Photographer006Los Gatos Baby Photographer007