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Introducing my baby girl, Erika!  She arrived 2 weeks early on May 31st.  My son, Leo was 2 weeks late so I really wasn’t expecting her to arrive any earlier than due date of June 13th….  I was at the park in Alamo for playdate with Leo’s friends and I was feeling contraction, getting stronger and stronger.  I remember mentioning to my mommy friend ” I think I’m having a baby tomorrow! ”   After 26 hours of labor, Erika arrived!

While I was at hospital, I was thinking about Erika’s newborn portraits, since she came 2 weeks early, I wasn’t ready at all, I haven’t ordered the prop I wanted to use…  Erika was having trouble gaining back to birth weights so we were back in hospital everyday for weight check and to see a Dr.  1 week passed by, 2 weeks passed by…. I usually suggest my clients to do newborn photos when baby is 5-10 days old but I wasn’t physically ready at all ;-(  I finally picked up my camera when Erika was 15days old!  She passed the sleepy stage and was more alert. I started the portraits with her big brother, Leo which I LOVED photographing them together!   then with her daddy, finally some with me ( yes, my husband took some pictures for me! )   This newborn stage is so special and passes by so quickly, these tiny feet, hands, big yawn, you want to remember all these precious details…  I’m a happy mom of 2 beautiful children!


Tiny feet


My favorite!
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While I was taking pictures of Erika and daddy, here’s my older son, running around in captain America costume….  This is our new life! WalnutCreekNewbornPhotographer011