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Here’s some of my favorite shorts from Yamato & Mizuho’s 7-5-3 ceremony!  More to come!



Here’s beautiful baby boy, K!  I went to K’s beautiful house in Motoazabu, Tokyo for his newborn portratis session!  He is the youngest of 3 children and session was lots of fun with two older brother and sister!  Enjoy the pictures, mom and dad!



C&S!  I had so much fun photographing them!  10 months is the cutest age to photograph, they are full of smiles and I just love those chunky legs and belly 😉  Playdate photo session is so fun and relaxing!  You can share the fee with friends. I usually start with the one that is in good mood, so that the other one can take time to get ready 😉  I’ve been enjoying meeting lots of cute babies from all over Tokyo!  I hope these pictures will bring them smiles when they look these back when they are older. Enjoy the pictures!