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In the one Sunday afternoon, I was practicing my camera setting on my husband ( I do this all the time so now he doesn’t even look at me anymore.. which is totally O.K 😉 ) then I heard little noise from hallway.  Leo just woke up from his nap and came to join us.  He started playing with Daddy and I kept taking pictures.  These sweet moments are so precious.  I LOVE taking pictures at beautiful locations, and I also love capturing these everyday moments.  In Japan, photography culture is very different than U.S.  There are MANY photo studios to celebrate milestone in Kimono ( which is gorgeous and beautiful! ) but hiring professional photographer is for wedding.  Life Style Family Photography is not very common.  I believe every family should have pictures taken at least once a year to remember how family love looks like.  I’m looking forward to photographing many families, kids and babies while I’m in Tokyo!



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Since we just celebrated Mother’s day, I put together a video of all of the moms I have photographed last year or so ♥.  Come and take a look at some loving, happy, funny, adorable, amazing moms. I went to Tokyo Disneyland with my son and had a wonderful time there.  I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day!


For this session,  my goal was to document Alisa’s life in Japan as an expecting mom.  Alisa and her family moved from Australia a couple months ago and now she is due with her second baby in end of May!!  Before the session, I asked Alisa to find out how is her typical day like and she told me that she usually gets a cup of coffee then head to the park to play with her daughter, Matilda.  So this is what I wanted to capture, all the special times here in Japan to be remembered forever.  Looking forward to meeting new baby soon!!

Enjoy the slideshow of a”Alisa & Matilda’s day in the life”


Alisa’s neighborhood.

Relaxing at  her favorite coffee shop before starting a busy day!

Peek-a-boo!!!!!!  She is too cute 😉

On the way to the park, we met preschool kids 😉

This is one of my favorite!

I LOVE these candid park playing time shots!  It shows real smiles.  As I’m always the one with the camera in my family, I have TOO MANY shots like these with my son and his daddy but none of me with my son ;-(   If you are the photographer in  the family, make sure to get in some of the pictures now because time flies by so fast …

Fun, Fun, Fun!

When Matilda is out of the stroller, she wanted to run, run, run and run…

Such a sweet mommy and daughter moments.

Alisa is simply beautiful and I can’t wait to meet her baby soon!

And this is the Tokyo Subway map.  I’ve lived in Boston, New York and San Francisco before and I think Tokyo has the most complicated Subway map…  But good thing is train is always on time and super clean!!!


Happy 2nd Birthday, S!  2 years old is such a fun age to photograph because they are just full of surprises and won’t stop running …   I photographed S and his family at their vacation house in Karuizawa.  Karuizawa is an upmarket mountain resort at the foot of the active volcano Mount Asama in Nagano Prefecture.  It takes little more than an hour to reach Karuizawa from central Tokyo by Shinkansen ( Bullet train). They offer many wonderful restaurants, shops and many outdoor activities.

We started at balcony first then backyard for more fun adventure!  Boys love playing with stickers and leaves and I had so much fun chasing after S and capturing all sweet and precious moments!  I LOVE S’s outfit, too!  Isn’t it so cute?  Mom put S’s outfit together for this 2 years old milestone photo session ♥

Thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful family and enjoy the pictures, mom and dad!


Bubble, bubble…!

My favorite!

So precious.


Emiri, she is one of the cutest baby I’ve ever photographed!  I know Emiri’s mom for more than 6 years now.  We became friends when we both lived in New York City and we had so much fun together, traveling, shopping, dining, concerts, etc, everything NYC offers, we did it together. What a great memories!   Time flies by and now I have almost 4years old son and she just welcomed her first baby girl, last December.   I was so excited to photograph Emiri’s 3 months old portraits.  First we headed to Koishikawa Kourakuen in Tokyo for cherry blossom.  At age 3 months old, there are lots of break during the session, feeding, changing,  and sometime baby falling asleep… 😉  Those are all cute and precious moments and I’m here to capture all of them 😉    We were able to create sweet portraits with cherry blossoms and more at home.   I’ll be photographing Emiri throughout this year and can’t wait for a next session.  Next one is when she is sitting up on her own!   I love the Spring in Tokyo!


One of my favorite!

This one is displayed in her living room!  Love this one!

So sweet….

Mom requested to photograph while she is feeding.  This is such a special moments and I wish I have pictures like this with my son!!!