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Since we moved to Tokyo last Christmas, ( Yes, we flew on Christmas day…), we finally visited my parent’s house!  Since Leo is the first and only grand child right now, he was treated like a “super star” !   I usually don’t bring my big camera when I travel but this time, I did since I really wanted to capture some precious images of Leo and his great grandparents who is turning 88 and 85 this year.  Below is one of my favorite image, Leo is taking pictures of his great grandparents ♥  Leo always watch me taking pictures so I guess it’s natural …   In a few years, I would love to hire Leo as an assistant and can’t wait for a day to work together!

We will be in Japan till end of this year and till then, I’m going to visit my parents house as much as I can, so that Leo can spend lots of time with his Japanese family!   Leo loves train so 4 hours train ride from Tokyo to Kanazawa ( my parents house) doesn’t seem to bother him!


April 25, 2013