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September 27, 2012

It’s time of the year again!!  This will be my 3rd annual Halloween Photo Contest!!


This is just adorable!  My dentist asked me to photograph her daughter to create display in her office.  Originally we were going to wait till she had full set of teeth but I suggested we do one now because we could see her two bottom teeth when she smiles and  I knew it would make a cute portraits.  We let her hold tooth brush and we got so many cute photos while she was playing with it.   I can’t wait to photograph her again with full set of teeth 😉   My 3 years old son had a great first time dentist experience with Spring dental last month and I highly recommend them!!


Can she get any cuter than this??

” serious face” is cute, too!


How cute is he??  I loved meeting Gavin for his 9 months old portraits.  His grandparents drove 2 hours to join the session, too!    Gavin joined my   Baby Collection so I will be photographing him again when he is 1 year old and 18 months old.  I love watching baby growing up through my lens ♥  Since Gavin’s family lives in Oakland, I wanted to select the location between us.  It’s always fun to search for a new photo location and Lafayette Reservoir is now one of my favorite place since Gavin’s session.  Light was so pretty in early in the morning 😉   Gavin is such a happy handsome boy and can you guess which one is mom’s favorite image?  Mom loved the first image of Gavin sticking his tongue out and this is going up in their bedroom. I’m sure this picture will make them smile every morning!   I usually ask clients how they want to remember their children at this age, for Gavin, sticking his tongue out was his thing at 9 months old 😉  So, I’m so happy that I was able to capture that!   Thank you for such a fun time and enjoy the pictures!!  I can’t wait for next session together!



Mom’s favorite!

I LOVE this one!!

How sweet is this with grandparents?

September 21, 2012

My clients are getting their holiday shopping done already and one of my popular item is a  “cube block”.  Aren’t they so cute??    You can put 5 images on 1 block or 4 images plus 1 custom text on 1 side.  Moms get these as a gift to grandparents.  It’s never too early to start Holiday shopping!



This session was given by mom’s sister as a surprise gift to this family!  What a thoughtful gift!   Their little one was turning one this Summer and sister told me that they didn’t have any family portraits as family of 5, yet and she thought it would be a nice gift 😉  And I made sure I got lots of pictures of the youngest one!  Mom requested ” Summer” look so I chose this one of my favorite location in San Ramon to do their family portraits.  Kids LOVED exploring in nature and I LOVED chasing after them, too.  what a fun time we had together!  Lots of smile, bubble, splashing, exploring 😉  I can’t wait to see these images displayed in their house!  It’s going to look so beautiful with metal print collage!   Enjoy the pictures, V family!!

One of my favorite!

Mom and Dad got married in 2002 ~

See little one jumping?  So cute!

Exploring the park

How sweet ♥




Look who is turning one!  Lilly’s mom contacted me to do Lilly’s photo session to create her 1st Birthday party invitation.  She wanted to go with “ladybug” theme!  How cute is she in red polka dots outfit with some Stella & Dot jewelry?  We had so much fun together and I love how her invitation came all together!  Have  a wonderful 1st birthday party and looking forward to seeing you again for holiday family session next month!!

Lilly’s newborn portrait, last October… wow, time flies!

Lilly came to visit my Halloween booth when she was 2 weeks old in her ladybug outfit 😉

Customized 1st Birthday party invitation.  isn’t this sooooo cute?  ( I took out contact info for privacy reason. )

Back of the card with letter O-N-E !


Look at this beautiful smile ♥ I can’t believe Lila is 6 months old already!!  It seems like it was only a few weeks ago when we did her newborn portrait at my studio.  Lila has 2 older siblings and we all had so much fun at the park!  They are so sweet with their little sister  and I love the one that 3 kids are looking water.   Mom requested a session at the beach and this 9th street park in Benicia was just  a perfect location for Lila’s 6 months old portraits.  Can’t wait for her 1 year old session, it will be another cute one!  Enjoy the pictures!!




Isn’t he so handsome?  I loved photographing Jagger, he was around 10 days old when I met him.  Mom wanted outdoor newborn portraits and since his dad surf, we came up with idea of photographing baby with daddy’s surf board at beach 😉  It was lots of fun but it was little bit windy by the water so we met up again at the park later on to finish up the session.  Mom ordered the blue hat with his name on it and it looked so cute on him!    It has been almost 3 years since I started photographing this family.  I love watching family glow through my lens!    Congratulations, Mom and Dad, Enjoy your pictures!


September 07, 2012

I love finding any kind of vendor through word of mouth because you can always trust a friend’s recommendation.  So far that very reason, I’ve started new client referral program for Aika Cardin Photography called ” Share the Love”.  I’m proud to say over 95% of  my clients are referred to me by their friends and family, so I wanted a way to give back to the people who put their trust and confidence in my work!  So get out there and continue to ” Share the Love”!

*Offer is not refundable, transferable, or redeemable for cash*