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So excited about this new product!!  Aika Cardin Photography is now offering Mobile Photo Album!  The Mobile Photo Album is an album that saves as an application right on your cell phone.  You can share the album with friends and family to show off your Aika Cardin Photography special moments at any time you would like.  Check out the photos below of what the product will look like on your mobile device.  It will work with i phone, I pad and Android.

This cool product will only be available as a part of collection, not for individual sale. For more information or questions about my collection, please contact me at 978-239-6528.

A little about the mobile photo gallery

Once your album is ready for viewing, I will email you a link and you will be prompted to add the app to your home screen on your phone or other mobile device (i.e., iPad). Once the link is downloaded, here is an example of how the app will look:


How cool is this?  Your own app!  See the icon ” Leo” ?

First page of Mobile photo Album

Here’s a slide show of recent peak so you can have  a peek!

August 27, 2012

We are back in Rhode Island!  My son Leo was born in Newport, Rhode Island 3 years ago and we’ve been coming back here every Summer to visit his grandparents. Leo absolutely LOVES it here, lots of beach time!  It makes me so happy to see Leo playing with grandparents as they get to see each other only a few times a year.

I finally had a chance to photograph Leo to create his 3 years old milestone portraits.  Leo is actually now 3 years and 2 months but it’s close enough!!  When I’m home, it’s always so busy with client’s photo shoot, editing, ordering,etc and personal things tend to get pushed back…  So, I was really looking forward to photographing Leo at this trip.  The location is perfect for Leo who loves water, also this is a spot Leo’s grandma used to visit since she was 10 years old. so it made it even more special ;;-)  I usually love “colors” in pictures, but for this one, I wanted a  ” vintage look” .

Happy 3 years old, Leo!  I love you so much 😉



August 23, 2012

Isn’t she look so cute in her pink dress?  Mom contacted me about a month ago for her family portraits session.  I usually offer pre consultation to each client before session so that we get to know each other better and also talk about some ideas and location, etc.  Mom told me that she had this cute dress for her daughter she got as a gift from grandma and wanted to use it for a session before she outgrew it.  The pink dress just fit perfect when we did a session and we created many cute images together!  The reason for getting family portraits done could be anything, family reunion, kid’s milestone, holiday season, anniversaries, etc. or like S family, simply capture this cute age with cute outfit 😉  The important thing is to create family portraits ( with every family members in it!!!  )  that you can pass on to children when they are older.  So that they remember their childhood and then they will pass on to their children.. 😉    Pictures capture the moment and live forever in your family.

Thank you mom and dad for a fun session, enjoy the pictures!

August 22, 2012

Terra & Kenyon, I met them back in May when we did a Gender reveal session at flower field.  (You can view those photos from here )  They are so excited to have a baby girl and now mom’s belly is really showing beautiful baby bump, it was time to do maternity session!   I usually schedule maternity session between 30-35 weeks, not too early or not too close the due date 😉  I LOVE how belly looks in maxi dress, especially white dress for the beach session !  It was a warm evening and we had so much fun getting our feet wet.  Sunset at the beach is so gorgeous and one of my favorite thing to do is create a silhouette portraits.  Aren’t they gorgeous? I especially LOVE the last one of Terra’s silhouette portraits.

I can’t wait to meet their baby girl, Zoey soon!!


How cute!

They are so happy together and I can just feel it 😉

And their baby girl’s name is Zoey.  What a beautiful name 😉

This is our favorite and going up on their living room  wall;-)  Beautiful framed gallery wrapped canvas!



August 21, 2012

Do you remember him??   I can’t believe Adin is 6 months old already!   He has gorgeous eyes like his big sister Sabine and I had so much fun photographing him and his family.  Sabine was having lots of fun splashing and throwing rocks in water! When I chose photo location for client, I usually recommend a couple different places depends on the theme like beach, greens, creeks, trees, etc.  Mom selected this location in San Ramon because this is where Adin was born.  I thought it was really sweet 😉  There are so many beautiful photo location in east bay and it’s always fun to explore and discover new places which is perfect for milestone portraits, family portraits, etc.  Adin is my Baby Collection client so I get to see him again when he turns ONE!   Next session will be another pretty one with leave changing colors for Fall.  Enjoy the pictures, mom and dad!


Adin was 10 days old when I first photographed him.


And look how much he has changed!   Love this gorgeous smile 😉

Big sister Sabine looks like an angel with her white dress!

This image is going up in their play room!

So so sweet.

August 16, 2012

In Summer, I love to create portraits by water.  I grew up by the beach so when I’m by water, it makes me happy 😉  I love to shoot close to sunset but it gets little tricky when sun doesn’t go down till 8:30PM in Summer as that’s usually around kids bedtime.  But Alexa and her big sister, Ashley were so happy throughout the session and we were able to create beautiful portraits by the water, at Benicia Beach.   Enjoy the rest of the Summer and enjoy the pictures, Mom and Dad!



Time flies by and look how big Lila is!  At her newborn session, we used red flower for her newborn portrait and mom wanted to keep ” red theme” for this 8 months old session, too.  She had this beautiful red dress and she looked so adorable in it ♥ I love photographing this age.  They are so smiley ! Her both grandparents joined for the session, too and we had lots of fun together!  I really do love having grandparents in the session. The way they look at their grandkids are just so sweet and special 😉  We enjoyed exploring, bubble, splashing water, throwing rocks.. etc.  Thank you for letting me capture this special moments for your family!   Enjoy the pictures!!

One of my favorite newborn portraits!

Isn’t she just adorable?


It was such a fun session! Carly was turning 3 and her grandparents came in town to celebrate her special day!  Also mom is expecting her second baby soon so this session was to create portraits with grandparents, maternity portraits and Carly’s 3 years old milestone portraits!  I love having grandparents in session!   Relationship between grandparents and grandkids are so sweet and it makes such a precious portraits!  Carly looked SO CUTE in her pink outfit and she has the cutest smile that melt everyone’s heart 😉  Expecting mom has this ” glow” and beautiful evening light created a perfect maternity portraits also!    Thank you for letting me freeze these moments for you.  I hope you cherish them forever!

August 01, 2012

Ellie & Timmy, I met them about 1 year ago for their 2 years old portraits and I was so happy to see them again for their 3 years old portraits!  We went to Gamble Garden in Palo Alto and had so much fun together!  This time, their grandparents joined at the session which made a session even more fun and special 😉  I love taking pictures of grandparents and kids together.  I love capturing those sweet moments between them.  There are so many cute images from this session and Custom Album mom and grandma ordered  is a perfect way to remember this special moments of their life.   I can’t wait to show them final products!


Below image is from last year…. and look how much they’ve grown !

Enjoy the video, too!