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G turns 1!  As my baby girl is turning 1 soon, photographing 1 year old has been my favorite!  Some are standing, some crawls really fast and they start showing their personality and I just LOVE photographing 1 year old !  1 year old is a big milestone for a baby as well as for mom and dad, and you want to remember these sweet and precious moments as a family.   East Bay Area, San Francisco has many beautiful parks, and I always have favorite place for photo shoot depends on time of the year.   This one ‘s one of my favorite for Spring session!    G’s cake smash theme was ” transportation”  and mom created all props and cake.  Amazing!   Enjoy the pictures , mom and dad!

WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer001 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer002 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer003 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer004 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer005 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer006 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer007 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer008 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer009 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer010 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer011 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer012 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer013 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer014 WalnutCreekBaby1yearoldphotographer015


Can you tell we had so much fun??  We got together to create this little boy’s 1 year old milestone portraits!  He is SO CUTE and his smile would just melt your heart 😉   We started off with lots of family portraits, then Cake Smash session at the end.  Mom had this adorable hat ready with home-made cake!   What a cute way to capture big 1 year old milestone!  Thank you for choosing me to capture this special milestone of your family!  Enjoy the pictures!!!

WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer001 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer002

WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer003 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer004 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer005 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer006 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer007 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer008 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer009 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer010 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer011 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer012 WalnutCreekCakeSmashPhotographer013