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This session is from last Summer when I was visiting here from Tokyo. ( just realized I haven’t posted these fun images!!!)  S family is my very very first client and I have been photographing them for over 4 years!  Mom loves Holiday cards and we have been coming up with cute ideas for their cards every year.  I’ve included image of their card on this post. It’s super cute!   It’s never too early to do holiday session in Summer!  Girls have grown so much every time I see them, getting cuter and prettier!  Can’t wait for a next session. 😉

SanRamonFamilyPhotographer002 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer003 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer004 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer005 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer006 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer007 SanRamonFamilyPhotographer008

This is S family’s holiday card, front and back. So cute, isn’t it??



I LOVED photographing Kaydence!  Her mom, Hilarie  and I have been working together for last 3 years in lots of baby/kids events. She organizes Hilarie’s Helpful Hints    which offers lots of fun activities and play group for kids. It’s also a great resource for new parents!  I have been photographing Hilarie and her family for last 3 years, last session we did together was a maternity session in Hawaii last November so I was really excited to see Kaydence for the first time!   She has such a cute smiles and she did great at the session!  These pictures were used on her birth announcement cards 😉    I can’t wait to photograph Kaydence and her family again! Next time, maybe she will be walking 😉



I’ve been photographing L family for about 2 years now.  Our first session was when Jason, the older brother was about 9 months old, since then, I photographed L family for Jason’s 1 years old, 18months old, 2 years old, maternity portraits, Nathan, younger brother’s newborn, etc. It’s an amazing feeling to watch them growing up from 9 month old to 2 and half months, from family of 3 to family of 4.   This session is for Nathan’s 8 months old portraits!  Nathan enjoyed picking up rocks and leaves and playing with them, Jason loves water, so he got soaking wet… playing in the water. they all made such a cute portraits!  Can’t wait to photograph L family again when I’m back in San Francisco next time!


Our very first session!

Nathan, younger brother’s newborn portraits!

Nathan’s 8 months old session 😉

The cutest smile!!


Remember her??  This portraits was taken back in May when Jerrica was 7days old.  She was so sweet and we were able to create lots of beautiful newborn portraits!  And look how much she has grown!!    I had so much fun photographing her at the park in Concord with pretty leaves and trees in back ground.  Very Holiday looking which I LOVE!    I love love love photographing this age!   We designed beautiful holiday cards together, the very first Holiday card  as a family of 3!  Enjoy the pictures and Happy Holiday!