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Lila turns 1!!   I can’t believe she is turning 1 already!  Where did the all time go?   This is my 3 rd time I’m photographing Lila since she was born.  Mom dressed her in RED before and this 1 year old milestone portraits, she decided to keep Red theme.  I love how red coat stands out in the trees.  This is my new favorite park in Danville !  I just discovered this park last week and loving it!  I ‘m curious to see how this park looks like in Summer!

Mom is so creative, she is creating ” family history wall”  in her family living room.  she has ordered 2 canvases from each sessions and after this session, she will have 6 canvases to tell a story of her family.  I really LOVED her idea so I’ve been suggesting to my clients and I’m starting one for my wall, too!   I love getting inspired from my clients!    Thank you for another wonderful session and can’t wait to photograph Lila again!


P family is one of the first family I photographed when I started my photography business about 2 years ago.  First time was for their older daughter, Aliya’s 1 year old session at Baker Beach in San Francisco, then maternity session for their 2nd baby, Kira at Rose Garden in Berkley,  Kira’s Newborn session,  Kira’s 9 months old session in Mustard flower field in Napa and this last one to complete her Baby Collection session was at Baker Beach!  Mom requested to do the last session at Baker Beach again since when we were there 2 years ago, it was foggy and we couldn’t see much of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It started off with little foggy but I was keeping my fingers closed and it turned out to be the one of the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen at Baker Beach.  Fog drifted away and we had a clear view of the bridge, too!!  We had so much fun there, walking on the beach, jumping from the rocks, running around, etc, everything was just perfect and I’m so happy with the images from this session ♥  I LOVE watching kids growing up through my lens and documenting this special time of their life and turned those memories into beautiful products that family will cherish forever. I’m creating album featuring favorites from last 2 years session 😉   and also gorgeous framed metal prints to be displayed in their dining room.   Yes, I LOVE my job!  There simply no words to describe how I feel while watching mom’s tears of joy and laughter as they enjoy images I create.  It’s more than a privilege to be able to capture their memories and, in the end, form a lasting friendship.  Life is full of magical surprises!  And creating art out of that magic is what makes my adventure the most rewarding experience I could ever imagine.  I am  grateful for the best job in the world, and I am grateful to have such an amazing clients like P Family!


Girls changed so much in last 2 years!!

One of my favorite!  Love the reflection on water, too!

How sweet is this?

Jump, jump, jump!!

1.2.3… jump!

Amazing sunset!

With Daddy!


Davin was one of the most calm 10days old I’ve ever seen!  Mom and Dad requested to do newborn session outside at the park, they wanted ” nature look”.   So we met at one of my favorite park in Concord and we were also so lucky to have gorgeous warm Fall weather!  I DO LOVE sooting outside, but shooting newborn outside could be little difficult as you want to keep newborn warm as much a possible to keep him happy!  Davin did so well throughout the session and we were able to try lots of fun props mom brought in 😉  I love all images and hard to pick a favorite from this session…  😉  Thank you for letting me capture Davin’s special time of his life. Enjoy the pictures!!


So cozy….

This mom and dad’s profession, so cool, isn, it?

Little turtle!!! How adorable is this?

So handsome!


The baby boy ” Finn” was born 2 days after our maternity session at Crissy Field in San Francisco!   I’m so glad we were able to do a maternity session just in time.  We had lots of fun there. it was gorgeous evening in city and lots of people were out enjoying the nice evening by the water.  Big brother, Jack loved playing in sand and picking up, rocks!   R Family lives in beautiful townhouse in S.F and I LOVED their beautiful hardwood floor which I use to create Finn’s portraits in bucket 😉   Congratulations, R family!  Enjoy the pictures !!


Beautiful evening in San Francisco!

Boys and rocks…. 😉

Soon to be a big brother!

Finn, 10 day old

Love these ones of mommy and Finn!!


Remember them?  It has been such a pleasure to photograph Terra & Kenyon for their “gender reveal session” in flower field in Spring, then “maternity session” at the beach in Summer, and now they finally welcomed their baby girl ! Mom requested to do their newborn session at their house to document this special time of Zoey’s new life.  Although I LOVE my newborn session at studio with black and white, I ALSO LOVE visiting client’s house for newborn session, too.  When I photographed whole family in their living room, first I asked mom and dad, how they usually spend time and sit on the sofa including their dog and that’s how the image was created.  Because I know that during the newborn period, time just fly by and everything goes blurry when you try to remember it later on.  Thank you for letting me photograph this such a special time for your family!


Gender revealing session in Spring!

It was so emotional and it made me cry, too!

Maternity session at the beach in Summer

One of my all time favorite maternity image!

And here’s Zoey!

Love this one!

This mom’s smile tells everything…..

And Zoey’s smile 😉  Don’t you love newborn’s smile??


I had the pleasure of meeting D family for maternity session a few months ago and I was so excited to see them again for their little girl’s newborn session this time!  I LOVE the way how her big brother was looking at her, the proud face of being a big brother and he was so sweet and gentle with his baby sister.  What a beautiful family of five.  I can’t wait to document next milestone of Claire at 6 months old!    Enjoy the pictures !


This picture is going up on her nursery.


Mika was 10 days old when I photographed her.  She was so sweet and sleepy and her newborn session was just perfect!  While her big brother was jumping around, touching her nose, tickling her, she still slept through…   Mom requested to do newborn session at their new house in San Jose to capture Mika’s precious time of beginning of her life.  I enjoy doing newborn session at client’s house using their living room, backyard as a background and it’s lots of fun.  I met T family last year  for holiday session and it’s such a joy to watch family growing through my lens.  Congratulations, T family!  Can’t wait to photograph Mika again when she is 6 months old!  Enjoy the pictures!!

What a beautiful family.

Big brother’s love ♥

She look so tiny in daddy’s hand 😉

Little princess!


Isn’t he so handsome?  I loved photographing Jagger, he was around 10 days old when I met him.  Mom wanted outdoor newborn portraits and since his dad surf, we came up with idea of photographing baby with daddy’s surf board at beach 😉  It was lots of fun but it was little bit windy by the water so we met up again at the park later on to finish up the session.  Mom ordered the blue hat with his name on it and it looked so cute on him!    It has been almost 3 years since I started photographing this family.  I love watching family glow through my lens!    Congratulations, Mom and Dad, Enjoy your pictures!