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December 19, 2016

This is my hometown, Kanazawa, Japan. I go home every Summer to see my family and this Summer, I hired a photographer to photograph my dad, my son, Leo and me in Kimono! These pictures are so special to me and makes me happy overtime I see them.  Time flies by and it is important to take time to capture what’s important in life and remember.  3 2 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

July 29, 2016

My son, Leo recently took a 2 weeks sailing camp at Newport Yacht Club in  Newport, Rhode Island.  Newport is the heart and capital of sailing and racing in the US today. How lucky is he to be able to take a sailing lessons there.   He flew there  2 weeks before me and stayed with grandparents, ( he loved it, of course!)  then I flew in later and I got to see Leo in action!  The sailing instructor kindly let me ride his instructor  boat with him  so that I could  take pictures for Leo and other sailers!   It was so much fun to see my 7 years old out in ocean with his sailing boat. How cool is that?  Leo enjoyed sailing camp and he is already excited to go back there next Summer!
Newport Yacht Club, Sailing camp photos, Newport, Rhode Island. Kids sailing class. 2 Newport Yacht Club, Sailing camp photos, Newport, Rhode Island. Kids sailing class. Newport Yacht Club, Sailing camp photos, Newport, Rhode Island. Kids sailing class. Newport Yacht Club, Sailing camp photos, Newport, Rhode Island. Kids sailing class.


My baby girl is 5 months old!  I just had a family photo session at this beautiful location this morning for client and I just had to come back her to take picture of my baby.  Yes, it is the busiest time of the year, October, November is filled with lots of Holiday Family Sessions!  I always have to remind myself to take pictures of my kids once a month ( not on I phone, with my real camera….) no matter how busy I am…  because I know I will regret later if I didn’t.  So, here’s my baby girl’s 5 months old portraits!  I LOVE this  touching toes pose.   What a sweet and cute stage, I LOVE it!

Erika 5 months web 900 me and my baby !erika&me web900

July 15, 2014

It has been a busy and exciting changes in my life since last year. We spent 2013 in Tokyo, Japan, my second baby, Erika was born in end of May ( now she is 6 weeks old already!!!)  and just moved into new house.  And last night, I had my first photo session since Erika was born.  Since I didn’t know how my recovery would be like from labor, I wasn’t planning to schedule any photo session till Fall. My recovery went well and I feel great!  It was so nice to be back   and seeing client’s smile 😉 I LOVE MY JOB!  Now booking Summer and Fall sessions! Can’t wait to reconnect with my clients again!!

Stay tuned for sneak-peak from last night’ family session!  It was at beautiful Saratoga Hills with beautiful family!

In Tokyo, 7-5-3. Traditional rite of passage and festival day in Japan for three and seven year old girls and three and five year old boys.


Maternity session in San Francisco!

WalnutCreekNewbornPhotographer002 WalnutCreekNewbornPhotographer003

~ Erika, 2 weeks old ~


One of my favorite!  My son Leo enjoying being a big brother and so so sweet to Erika 😉





Since we moved to Tokyo last Christmas, ( Yes, we flew on Christmas day…), we finally visited my parent’s house!  Since Leo is the first and only grand child right now, he was treated like a “super star” !   I usually don’t bring my big camera when I travel but this time, I did since I really wanted to capture some precious images of Leo and his great grandparents who is turning 88 and 85 this year.  Below is one of my favorite image, Leo is taking pictures of his great grandparents ♥  Leo always watch me taking pictures so I guess it’s natural …   In a few years, I would love to hire Leo as an assistant and can’t wait for a day to work together!

We will be in Japan till end of this year and till then, I’m going to visit my parents house as much as I can, so that Leo can spend lots of time with his Japanese family!   Leo loves train so 4 hours train ride from Tokyo to Kanazawa ( my parents house) doesn’t seem to bother him!


August 27, 2012

We are back in Rhode Island!  My son Leo was born in Newport, Rhode Island 3 years ago and we’ve been coming back here every Summer to visit his grandparents. Leo absolutely LOVES it here, lots of beach time!  It makes me so happy to see Leo playing with grandparents as they get to see each other only a few times a year.

I finally had a chance to photograph Leo to create his 3 years old milestone portraits.  Leo is actually now 3 years and 2 months but it’s close enough!!  When I’m home, it’s always so busy with client’s photo shoot, editing, ordering,etc and personal things tend to get pushed back…  So, I was really looking forward to photographing Leo at this trip.  The location is perfect for Leo who loves water, also this is a spot Leo’s grandma used to visit since she was 10 years old. so it made it even more special ;;-)  I usually love “colors” in pictures, but for this one, I wanted a  ” vintage look” .

Happy 3 years old, Leo!  I love you so much 😉