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July 30, 2012

I did my first interior photo shoot at Bloom Retreat in Walnut Creek a few months ago and now those photos are up on their website!  It shows on each pages and also at this ” photo ” page to show them all together!  I’m so excited to see them there.  Just in case if you haven’t heard of Bloom, Bloom offer very relaxing environment for busy mom to take a ” break”.  They have kid’s daycare on site so while kids are playing, mommy get to take classes, massage, or simply relax in their living room with cup of tea.  I’ve taken Yoga classes there and I love it!   Mommy deserve a break and this is a perfect place!


June 28, 2012

I had an opportunity to photograph Bloom Retreat in Walnut Creek    I have been taking yoga class there every week and Bloom offers such a relaxing atmosphere for busy moms. You can takes classes, massage therapy, or simply just bring a book and relax in their living room with a cup of tea.  The best part is they have a kid’s room so while kids are having fun, mom get to relax and take a break from busy life.  The owner, Michelle asked me to photograph their ” room” to use images on their website as well as marketing materials.  It was my first time doing ” Interior photography” and I had so much fun!!  It is so different from  what I usually do, chasing around kids, and I find this very interesting 😉

I was part of their ” open house” event around Mother’s day and also Tea Party hosted by Hilarie’s Helpful Hints at Bloom.  At the event, I got to photograph lots of mom and their kids together.  As mom, we are usually the one taking pictures and we don’t have much pictures with kids, so at this Mother’s day event, I focused on photographing mom and kids together 😉 Kids will treasure these photos when they are older.

If you haven’t been to Bloom, go check it out!  It’s located in downtown Walnut Creek!  Remember, mom needs a break sometime  and we deserve it!