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Here’s my son’s new headshot for his modeling portfolio.  It has been a journey to have my son in modeling industry.  I LOVE watching behind the scene of the set up at Pottery Barn Kids and Tea Collection!  Producer, Director, editor, stylist, make-up artist, photographer, studio teacher, and model, everyone working together to create “the shot” for magazine.  Can’t wait for his next photo shoot!  He is represented by one of the modeling agency in San Francisco Bay Area, Go Leo!
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Leo on Tea Collection!  Just saw more pictures of my son in Tea Collection Web Site!  Having my kids in modeling opened new door for me.  I really enjoy seeing behind the scene of photo shoot.  It’s such a learning experience for me and I can’t wait for next one!
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This was my son’s first modeling gig with Tea Collection.    I decided to have my kids in modeling so that I can see behind the scene of photo shoot for catalog.   I’m so happy that this is happening! Visiting Tea Studio in San Francisco and seeing the process of how the photo shoot was getting done was such a learning experience for me and  I enjoyed every minutes.   And my son enjoyed photo shoot, too!  I can’t wait to see more pictures of him !!!

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These are  Leo’s headshot I took in May 😉100wm SanFranciscoKidsModelHeadshotPhotographer001



Here’s some of the recent photos of my baby girl, Erika.  It’s hard  to believe that she is turning ONE in a couple weeks!!  These are her new headshot for her modeling portfolio.  She will have her first modeling job tomorrow with Pottery Barn Kids and I’m super super excited!  Go Erika! If you are interested in getting headshot done for your child, please contact me at  I can give you some advice on selection of clothes and also give you an idea of what kinds of headshot model agency is looking for for baby and kids!

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