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Personal Branding Session for Entrepreneurs  


~ Design the mood and style of your business image ~

Personal branding session is tailored to each and every client individually. My aim is to design a photo shoot that is unique just like you and your business. Personal branding is communication of your brand in a way that defines who you are. What does your photo say about your brand?

Collection of photographs, that will represent your brand and your business – images that will attract your ideal client and will elevate your brand. My team is here to give you an amazing experience with professional hair and make up. I’m here to create the best portrait you’ve ever seen of yourself.


How would you like to be photographed? 


My portrait studio is  located in downtown Walnut Creek.  Personal Branding sessions are available in studio or on – location. Please contact for more information.  Thank you!



 ******  各界で活躍するためのプロフィール写真撮影 ******



写真撮影は ダウンタウンWalnut Creek にある写真スタジオ、野外、御社への出張撮影も行っています。(サンフランシスコ、サウスベイ、ナパなどベイエリア)


寝不足によるクマや、当日できてしまったニキビ、ヒゲ剃りでの傷など、無償で修整サービスいたします。また、ホワイトニング・若返り・痩身なども同一人物性 を保ちながら美しく仕上げます。※有償





カメラマン、愛香 (石川県、金沢出身)

* Parents magazine より2015, 2016, 2017 Best of the Best Family Photographer in East Bay Area に選ばれております。


March 12, 2017

Custom album is one of my popular products.  I custom design each album to tell the story of your family. I offer the highest quality of album in industry with over 50 colors of cover colors to choose from with multiple finish on paper.  Customized to your need because this album will be treasured forever and passed on to next generation and I want you to love the album.  I have sample album at studio for you to feel the quality!

September 21, 2012

My clients are getting their holiday shopping done already and one of my popular item is a  “cube block”.  Aren’t they so cute??    You can put 5 images on 1 block or 4 images plus 1 custom text on 1 side.  Moms get these as a gift to grandparents.  It’s never too early to start Holiday shopping!



So excited about this new product!!  Aika Cardin Photography is now offering Mobile Photo Album!  The Mobile Photo Album is an album that saves as an application right on your cell phone.  You can share the album with friends and family to show off your Aika Cardin Photography special moments at any time you would like.  Check out the photos below of what the product will look like on your mobile device.  It will work with i phone, I pad and Android.

This cool product will only be available as a part of collection, not for individual sale. For more information or questions about my collection, please contact me at 978-239-6528.

A little about the mobile photo gallery

Once your album is ready for viewing, I will email you a link and you will be prompted to add the app to your home screen on your phone or other mobile device (i.e., iPad). Once the link is downloaded, here is an example of how the app will look:


How cool is this?  Your own app!  See the icon ” Leo” ?

First page of Mobile photo Album

Here’s a slide show of recent peak so you can have  a peek!

May 17, 2011

I was getting ready for ordering session and I just had to share this gorgeous 6 months old boy’s portrait!  This picture was taken at his backyard and I love the color of green and I LOVE his eyes!

For family session, I would like to bring clients to pretty location but for baby portraits, backyard is great, too!  I can’t wait to show this image to his mom!  At ordering session, I will show mom/dad a slideshow video from the session then go over each images together.  I’ll have lots of sample products displayed  in studio and I can help them make the best investment.  and the best part is I can see mom & dad’s expression when they see photos 😉  Ordering session is always a lot of fun!

April 20, 2011

This custom design image box came out so cute!   I created this for C family who was the grand prize winner from HHH‘s Halloween Parade!   I hope they enjoy this pretty keepsake box and beautiful portraits of their family !

April 08, 2011

I just received these beautiful display for my home today.  Images are printed on slate and each rock is hand-chiseled.  These are photos from beach in Santa Barbara with my family.  Beach photos look gorgeous on slate.  I LOVE TEM!    I can’t wait to introduce this exciting new products to my clients!

My husband & my son, Leo in his backpack.  My husband takes Leo for hiking, for a walk with this backpack all the time and this photo just capture their relationship so much! I love it!

Me and Leo!    This is one of a few pictures of me and Leo together.  I want more family photos!!

October 22, 2010

I’m so excited to show you some of my new products!  Are they just adorable?  I love The Keepsake box!   This is a great way to keep all pictures together in one place 😉

Brag book~  You can simply have it on your coffee table or bring it with you in your bag!  You had too many favorite photo from the session?  Now you can have ALL images in this spiral brag book 😉

Canvas wrap ~  I’m addicted to Canvas Wrap!  I like showcasing couple images together to tell a story.  Not enough space on your wall?  I can customize storyboard collage on canvas!

Whimsical frames ~ I just love their colors and these are perfect for kids room 😉

I’m enjoying introducing new products and I will keep looking for fun and cute products 😉

June 25, 2010